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Falcon's Home Learning



“When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level”​

Brian Greene


Free Resource: BrainPop is offering free access this is the Link: BrainPop




Scholars please ensure that you complete the Quizizz registration as soon as possible;

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Quizziz Student Registration Link: Students click on this link to register.

Please use Student Name for the registration (DO NOT use: Parent Name, Nick Names, Name Tags, Gamer Tags, etc….)  This is how I will identify and give credit to the students for their work. Thank you :)

  • Students will require a parent/guardian email in order to register.



Week 3: Biology Unit Review :  (April 6-10th)

Once students have registered to the class I will be assigning quizziz on the Quizziz platform/app.

  • Organisms & Environments: Unit Breakdown (Not Links)
  1. Classification of Living Things (Week 1)
  2. Introduction to Ecology             (Week 2)




Falcons Home Learning: Powerpoints are linked 

Week 1: Classification of Organisms  (3-23/27th)                      Week 1 Assignments:

  • How are organisms classified?                                               1. STAAR Science Tutorial; Classification
  • Who is Carolus Linnaeus?                                                      2. Dichotomous Key: Minions
  • What is Binomial Nomenclature?                                            3. Branching Diagram: Animals
  • Levels of Classification:
  • Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
  • Dear, King, Phillip, Came , Over , For, Good, Soup

Levels of Classification




Week 2: Introduction to Ecology (3-30/ 4-3rd)              Week 2 Assignments:

Levels of OrganizationLevels of Organization



Hope all you Scholars are doing well and staying safe. Remember wash your hands with soap and water as often as you can and when you can’t then you can use germ-x. Also be aware of how many times you touch your face, remeber the movie Contagion. Eventhough we won’t be attanding school for a while it doesn’t mean that you will stop feeding your intellect. Try your best to read, read anything as long as you are reading as well as completing the assingment from your teachers and myself. Here on this page I will be adding resources that will help all of you feed your intellect and exercise your brain.

Remember proper hygeine will help everyone; stay healthy and be safe. Here is a video on the current viral pandemic, knowledge is power.

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