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Texas History Syllabus 19-20


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the
people who prepare for it today. - Malcom X

7th Grade Honors Texas History

In this course you will identify and learn about the major eras in Texas history beginning with Natural Texas and its People and continuing on the Contemporary Texas. You will learn about the people, events, and issues that have shaped - and continue to shape -  the state of Texas.

You will examine the basic principles that serve as the foundation of the Texas Constitution and the Texas Bill of Rights. These principles guarantee our rights and basic freedoms. You will learn that, as citizens we are free to exercise our rights. In return, we are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities. You will also see how the free enterprise economy of Texas is consistent with the states’s history of rights and freedoms.


Grading Policy

            ✶ 75% of grade: daily assignments, journal, class participation, enrichment activities, tests/quizzes, and projects.

            ✶ 25% of grade: Six Weeks Exam

            ✶ A minimum of three grades per week, excluding the unit assessment will be recorded for each student.

            ✶ The semester grade will be the average of the three six-weeks grades.

            ✶ See Student Handbook

Classroom Rules

Every teacher has his or her own classroom expectations, procedures, and rules. We also expect students to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. Students will not go wrong, however, if generally:


            1. Come prepared to class with supplies, class work and homework, and a teachable attitude.

            2. Listen and follow instructions.

            3. Complete work on time.

            4. Be polite: This rule includes respect of school rules, school/individual property and, most importantly, respect for others. Every student should expect respect in our classroom and be willing to give respect in return.

            5. Be eager and willing to learn!


Everything we do in life has consequences. Consequences are things that happen to you when you choose not to obey the rules. This is what will happen if you choose to violate one or more of the classroom rules.

            1. Verbal warning/reassignment of seat

            2. Student and teacher conference

            3. Parent contact: letter, Class Dojo, or phone call

            4. Parent/Teacher/Student conference

            5. Referral to principal

*During special circumstances the first 4 steps can be and will be bypassed.

Late Assignments

Assignments that are received late shall be reduced by no more than 5 points per day after the due date to a maximum of 20 points. Assignments must be completed within 5 days. See Student Handbook.

It is imperative that you attend class on a daily basis. If you miss the lesson, it is your responsibility as an Excellent Ac2E student to schedule a time with me to make up the lesson. Students will be held accountable for any missing assignments.

Participation in class activities is necessary to gain a better understanding of the material being covered.

Always maintain a Positive Attitude
Believe in what you are doing
Show Commitment and Make a 
Take pride in what you do

Do Quality Work
Learn - embrace technology
Follow the Golden Rule
Never give up
Make your dreams come true!



It is my expectation that every student will arrive promptly and prepared to learn. I expect all students to be respectful and courteous.  I also expect students to take charge of their academic experience, and therefore present comments, critiques, and ideas to me that could improve their experience in my classroom. Likewise, students may expect that I will follow the same code of conduct and be subject to the high expectations that I place.