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Roberto Cantu

Week of 10/21-10/25/2019

This week we will complete our unit on Plate Tectonics by discussing and modeling the thre types of plate boundaries and what crustal feature each boundary can create.  

Image result for plate tectonics

Monday – Earth’s Lithosphere and asthemosphere and their role in plate tectonics.

                 Why does the lithosphere float on the asthenosphere?

Tuesday – three types of plate boudary     

                convergent, divergent, transform                 Image result for plate movements

                convection lab                      Image result for convection

Wednesday – crustal features – mountains, ocean trenches, volcanos, island arcs, rift valleys, ocean ridges, earthquakes, fault lines

Thursday – “Grahm Cracker Smashup” model plate movements with graham crackers

  Image result for plate tectonics graham cracker lab      Image result for plate tectonics graham cracker lab

Friday – plate boudary and crustal feature quiz

             video – BBC “Earth- Power of the Planet: volcanos”  


Image result for power of the planet

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